Eisbiber (ice beaver) are beaver like creatures that are harmless and timid.



Danse MacabreEdit

When Bud is fixing Nicks refrigirater, Nick sees him morph, and Bud realizes he's a Grimm, and because he is very afraid of Nick killing him, and so pleads him to not hurt him or his family, and runs out, with Juliette wondering why he is acting like this. Later, at the end of the episode, he comes back to grab his tools he left when he fled, and tells Juliette for Nicm to not harm him.

Let Your Hair DownEdit

Bud meets with Roscoe, and Irv, also Eisbiber's, and talks about his experience meeting a Grimm, but they don't believe him, asking him why he is still alive, and responding with that he got out as quickly as he could. They still don't believe him, and wait outside inthe car, and drive off when they realize heis a Grimm.

Of Mouse and ManEdit

When the Woman is looking outside and spying on Nicks house, Juiliette goes outside and they drive off. Later, Juliette drives to the adress the car was from, and the Woman and her children go inside quickly.


Nicks house is egged, and when Nick goes outside, he sees two Eisbiber kids, with one briefly morphing. Later, Nick goes to John Oblingers house, and sees him morph, and Bud appears, who also morphs, and Nick learns that theynever saw a Grimm, and nobody beloeved them, so thats why Wesen are spying on him. They make a deal that Bud, John Oblinger, and any other Wesen will not spy on him anymore.

Plumed SerpentEdit

An Eisbiber is seen in this episode. When Nick enters the strip club, Aerial Eberhart preforms ar very dangerous and amazing trick as ahe fire dances, Nick sees a male Eisbiber morph as he claps and is excited. A few seconds later, Nick sees a female Fuchsbau more.

Island of DreamsEdit

Bud stops by and brings Nick and Juliette a gift, a blanket, although he is asked by Nick that he warned him to never come back again. Later, Juliette comes home, and sees and hears the door nob movingm and stops it from moving, and looks up, and Bud looks up, and Juliette and him scare each other, and he says he was fixing the door, and leaves her and Nick a pie in a basket, and she and Nick eat it.

Leave It to BeaversEdit

A construction worker morphs as Sal Burrel talks to him, and then is killed. Sal then sees Arnold moron, and chases him, but looses him.John Oblinger hears a aound, and nearly kills Arnold on accident, and they both morph.