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A male Geier.

Geier's are vulture-like Wesen that specializes on removing and selling human organs for medicine.


Organ GrinderEdit

Two Geier's chase two kids, and one dies, and they grab the other kid and bring him to the organ removable area. A Geier transporting human organs gets in a car crash and turns into a Geier before it dies. The other kid then gets his organs removed. The Geier's then grabs Hanson and Gracie to remove their organs. After that, the doctors area is raided and a woman turns into a Geier, but helps Nick lead the police to the organ removals place, and after killing a few Geier's, Nick is attacked by Levine, who turns into a Geier, but falls into the fire pit that disposes the bodies and dies.

Last Grimm StandingEdit

During a fight, very briefly, a Geier sits in a high area, and looks down at the fight.