A Klaustreich will appear in The Thing with Feathers. One member is Tim Steinkellner, the abusive husband of Robin Steinkellner, his wife, who is a Seltenvogel, a rare bird like creature trying to keep a very valuable treasure of the Wesen world safe.



The Thing with FeathersEdit

When Tim catches up with Robin, he morphs, and brutally grabs Robin and hits her, then turning into his human form. Then, as Nick stops at the Steinkellners house, Tim yells at Robin, with Nick noticing as he morphs into his Klaustreich form. He doesn't notice he's a Grimm though. After Nick calls the sherrif for a domestic disturbence, and is let go freely. Later, as Gary waits for Robin to pick her up, Tim, morphed, leaps put and kills Gary. Later, Nick goes and sees Tim morph as he puts Robin on the machine to q uickly get the golden egg she produces. As Nick tells him to stop the machine, he speeds it up, as Nick and Tim fight, and Tim is driven off, and Nick gets Robin out quickly, shutting off the machine. Later, Tim stole the golden egg, but trips and is shatters in thousands of pieces, and is arrested by Nick Burkhart.