Captain Sean Renard is the captain of Nick Burkhart and Hank Griffin. He is either a human, aware of the supernatural world, a rouge Grimm, or a Wesen who hasn't revealed his Wesen form.


Adalind Schade (formely) Peter Leo Taymor (formely) Catherine Edgar Waltz

Last Grimm StandingEdit

After Renard translates Latin for Nick and Hank, he uses his car to hit Leo Taymor as he flies against the wall. Renard tells him to stop getting Wesen that isn't on his list, and Renard punches him in the stomach when he doesn't listen to him. After Leo says that "royalty ain't what it used to be" Rebard pulls out his gun and holds him at gunpoint, to stop him from getting his parolee into a fight club. Leo then agrees, and Renard pulls the gun away from him. Later, Renard is at a church, and tells the priest that Leo can't be broughht back. Renard goes to Leo's barn, and tells him, one of us is going to pay. Then, the priest, in his unknown wesen form, attacks and kills Leo,as Renard walks away.

Three Coins in a FuchsbauEdit

Love SickEdit

In this episode, he is driven by one of his allies, and taken to see his cousin. For not following Renard's orders, Renard quickly steals a gun, and kills his cousin. Afterwards he shot and killed the other guy, put a gun near him, and then put a gun in his cousin's hadn, and fires it to make powder dust on the clothing, to make it look like they killed each other. Renard steals the phone found at the crime when Wu collapses, and replaces the old SIM card with a new one. After Nick gets news that the SIM card is new, he talks the Renard, having suspiscion, but Renard deflates it as quickly as he can. He goes to Cathrines house and talks to her about the key. After Adalind fails at getting the key, Renard sees she is only now a human, and Renard tells her she is of no use now.