Skalenzahne (skalen, scale, zahne, tooth) are vicious crocodile like creatures. They can exist peacfully among humans, but when introduced to human flesh can turn very barbaric. They are as strong, if not, stronger than a Blutbad, but can be beaten by a Grimm.



Last Grimm StandingEdit

Ed Weller goes outside to find his dog, but instead, was attacked by a Skalenzahne. Ed appears in the doorway, his body ripped open, his wife in horror, as he slumps to the ground and some of his organs erupt out of the body, and reveals a Skalenzahne, who kills the wife as she tries to call the police. The Skalenzahne then grabs the raw steak from the plate, and ests a chink put of it, and then throws it on the ground and runs away, but some Wesen on horseback lasso him, and trip him, dragging him away to a Löwen Game. Later, Dimitri is shwon fighting his friend, a Dickfellig, Brian Cooney, and then knocks him tl the ground, and stand over him, until Leo Taymor gives the sign to kill Cooney, and Dimitri stabs Brian in the stomach with a sword, killing him. Later, Monroe helps get a nail out of Dimitri, and when given meat, (which was a body part of Brian), who morphs and eats it viciously. He then goes in and morphs as he fights Monroe, and then is about to kill Monroe until Nick intervenes, and fights for Monroe, fighting Dimitri, and winning, but knocks him out as he doesn't want to kill him. He is then arrested by Hank Griffin.